Ace F1Ace F1
Days:50. Extra-early, highly productive sweet bell pepper. Huge yields of medium sized 3-4 lobed fruits. Has apparent tolerance to blossom drop as nearly every flower produces a pepper. 
(1 plant $1.50)

AnaheimAnaheim Chile
Days: 78. Anaheim Chilies are prolific bearers of long thin fruits about 6" long.   Mildly hot, people use them in roasting, stuffing, stews, sauces or raw. 
(1 plant $1.50)

Days: 65. A cubanelle-type pepper producing unique, elongated, 3 to 4-lobed fruits up to 10" long, with a distinctive flavor that is mildly sweet and fruity with a hint of heat. Perfect for salads and stir-frys. Peppers mature from lime- green to orange to red to chocolate. A vigorous yielder.
(1 plant $1.50)

Cajun Bell F1Cajun Bell
Days: 60. AAS winner. Cajun Belle is a unique, mildly hot but sweet pepper. The peppers are both sweet and savory and the fruit look like small bell peppers about 2" W x 3" L with 3 or 4 lobes. When left on the plant, fruit will change color from green to scarlet and ripen to deep red. The peppers have an incredible taste with just the right combination of heat and sweetness.
(1 plant $1.50)

Flamingo F1Flamingo F1
66 Days. Slightly tapered fruit are a good size (3½ in. x 3½ in.) They have a waxy finish and turn from ivory-yellow to orange-red. Flamingo is a beautiful, sweet salad pepper with a bright color.
(1 plant $1.50)

Days:60. AAS Winner. An extremely early, heavy producer of wedge-shaped, tasty peppers with sturdy walls and crunchy, firm, sweet, flesh. A very reliable yielder.
(1 plant $1.50)

Days:90. One of the most pungent hot peppers and very late maturing. The productive plants support large numbers of thin-fleshed, wrinkled fruit that turn from light green to golden orange at maturity. These peppers are roughly 2 in. long x 1½ in. wide and are used both fresh or dried. Use care in handling seed and fruit!
(1 plant $1.50)

Days: 75. The Jalapeno is a small to medium-sized chile pepper that is prized for the hot, burning flavor. Ripe, the jalapeno can be 2–3½ inches and are green and red when fully mature. 
(1 plants $1.50)

Days: 53. Heavy, attractive, dark green fruits are avg. 4" long and taper to a blunt point. They ripen to a glossy, rich red. Thick, juicy, and sweet for salads and cooking, and perfect for roasting and salsa. Dependable, early, heavy yields.
(1 plant $1.50)

Days: 75. The Serrano is said to be about 5 times hotter than the jalapeño.
(1 plant $1.50)